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New storyboards uploaded and a nifty little online comic linked above. This site is still a bit messy since I changed my professional first name to "Jae" so some watermarks on the comic book galleries still need to be updated, and the cute little banners below can be completely ignored, ditto the MySpace page I haven't checked since MySpace became a spam factory etc. But screw all that, nobody ever scrolls down to this part of the page so if you did YOU'RE SPECIAL! and here's some quick info about me just for fun:
-Favorite bands: Rolling Stones, Black Keys, Hendrix and anything Jack White does...
-Fav comic book: Scott Pilgrim
-Fav flicks: The Good The Bad And The Ugly, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Miller's Crossing
-Fav hobby: Clearly NOT updating my website, sketching in coffee shops in downtown Toronto

Eventually I'll find something more productive to do with this space, 'til then adios amigos!
- Jae Korim

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